Saturday, November 14, 2015

Motion to Suppress - Anonymous Tipsters Reporting DUI/Drunk Drivers

This is Part IX of the web series dedicated to Motions to Suppress in the State of California that was previously published only to my Google+ Following; which is now available through my blog on Google Blogger.

Part IX of this series focuses on Anonymous Tipsters, which are more and more common now that we routinely see signs along the freeways prompting motorists to report "DUI or Drunk Drivers" by calling 911.

The issue of the constitutionality of a detention based on an anonymous tip to the police by an “Anonymous Tipster” has become an issue of great debate after the California State Supreme Court decision in People v. Wells and even more so after the United States' Supreme Court ruling in Navarette v. California, especially when the officer observed no signs of impaired driving.