Saturday, June 6, 2015

Just Another Reason to Hire a DUI Lawyer - Loophole in Statute Allows Police to Arrest DUI Drivers Upon Conviction

Based on this story from OC Weekly, on Monday (June 1, 2015), deputies conducted an undercover court sting at Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach, where offenders who had been told of their license suspension due to DUI or who had never been issued a driver’s license were staked out. This is as a result of an immediate reporting system of your DUI Conviction to DMV that immediately results in the suspension of your driver’s license as a result of the conviction to which you just pled guilty in court. This is wrong; but it emphasizes the need of being able to either hire a driver or get or ride, or retain a DUI Lawyer to enter that plea on your behalf while you are waiting in line at DMV to get your license reinstated once your Orange County DUI Attorney enters the conviction.

According to this report, fifteen drivers were followed by deputies from courtrooms to their vehicles to ensure that they were not driving. Eight proceeded to get behind the wheel and drive off. Due to the sheriff's manpower on hand, only seven of these drivers could be stopped. According to the report, "Six of the offenders received a misdemeanor traffic citation and had their vehicles towed by the deputies who stopped them," the sheriff's department announced. "One of the drivers had an out-of-state license and was unaware his license status had been suspended in California. The driver who was unable to be stopped outside of the courthouse will face possible charges from the Orange County District Attorney in the future."

Earlier, on May 18, deputies went into neighborhoods with dozens of outstanding DUI warrants in search of high risk DUI offenders. Eight people were arrested for either failing to show up for a court date or violating terms of their probation in outstanding DUI cases. Ten more offenders turned themselves in to the court during the two weeks following the warrant event after deputies had tried to serve warrants at their residences. DUI is series business in Orange County. If you were arrested for DUI in Orange County, you need a qualified and experienced Orange County DUI Lawyer.

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